To empower students to reach their potential and inspire their personal development
by finding their true voice through the creative process


As a teaching artist, Nadïne has developed and led workshops in visual arts as well as music, theater and literature for educational institutions and arts organizations since 2004. Her goal is to empower students to reach their potential and inspire their personal development through finding their true voice within the creative process, employing a strong focus on experimentation combined with observation and research as well as personal and cultural symbols.

As part of her studio practice, Nadïne conducts intensives in visual language and storytelling through onsite residencies, after-school programs and virtual arts education.


WHAT: The Process

I believe that it is most important for artists to develop a solid process to create a distinct visual language that helps tell our truth. I share from my work the practice of observing and documenting the world around me as well as my own life experience researching social, environmental phenomenon and experimenting with symbolism. These inform the ways in which materials are used and the purpose of these choices.

HOW: The Discovery

I use a holistic approach to assess and analyze the artist’s intent through discussion, team projects and interaction with art-making techniques, which create opportunities for investigation both creatively and philosophically. The balancing of practical knowledge with the adventure of crafting their vision provides artists a space in which to question, experiment and innovate on their own terms.

WHY: The Reward

I am grateful to witness and facilitate the empowering and healing impact that the creative process allows artists to realize. The profound exchange between teacher and student is invaluable. It allows both to simultaneously educate and be educated. I know that this work is in service of something deeper than the craft itself.

My Motto: “ A good teacher is a strong student “

As part of my studio practice, I conduct intensives in visual language and storytelling through onsite residencies, after-school programs and virtual arts education. I hope to support my students to witness their own transformation through the creative process.

Art-Based Learning

Studio Arts Education

The studio offers its own ongoing seasonal classes focusing on Fundamentals that cover the core principles and techniques of artmaking and workshops featuring Intensives and Special Events that help students explore connections between the creative process and various personal and cultural concepts.


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Community Arts

These socially engaged art-based learning experiences; whether group workshops, in-school and afterschool programming or creative happenings, support community members in coming together to express concerns or issues through artistic practice that acts as a catalyst for forward movement and change. Featured workshops and custom programming focus on social justice, cultural preservation, youth empowerment, creative aging and selfcare practice.


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Art & Business

The ArtBiz series provides Virtual Business Resources For Artists to help gain control over the operation of our creative practice. The offerings include skills building workshops in Strategy & Structure, Optimizing Our Craft and Engaging Our Audience. We're building valuable skills and resources in community to help make room for sharing our creative passion with the world.


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Currently there are no events.
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2023 EDU Themes

Cultural Storytelling, Reclaiming Our Narratives, Youth Expression & Activism, Powerful Creative Aging, Artmaking Meditation and Sustainable Art.

Methods: Drawing | Painting | Collage | Mixed Media | Printmaking | Found Objects Art | Video

Let's make this the year of transformation !

Art Lives Studio's Fall - Winter Virtual Arts Education Program offers subsudized and free online art sessions, which is made possible in part by generous funding from the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation and Marrazzo Family Foundation.

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Art Lives Studio is currently accepting requests from organizations and schools for art residencies
and custom art education projects.  Advanced booking also available for Kwanzaa 2022 (Dec 26 - Jan 1), Haitian Independence 2023 (Jan 1) African American Heritage (Feb 2023) Women's Herstory Month (March 2023) and Juneteenth (June 2023).

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