To empower students to reach their potential and inspire their personal development
through finding their true voice

Info Share: Studio EDU 2021 Offerings

Announcing the upcoming 2021 studio arts education offerings. Featured are overviews of workshops plus enrollment details and demo plus a New Year special available to individuals and families signing up for winter classes and workshops. This year, the focus is storytelling.


As a teaching artist, Nadïne has developed and led workshops in visual arts as well as music, theater and literature for educational institutions and arts organizations since 2004. Her goal is to empower students to reach their potential and inspire their personal development through finding their true voice within the creative process, employing a strong focus on experimentation combined with observation and research as well as personal and cultural symbols.

As part of her studio practice, Nadïne conducts intensives in visual language and storytelling through onsite residencies, after-school programs and virtual arts education.

Nadïne teaches as an adjunct art educator at the Paul Robeson Galleries of Rutgers University leading art outreach workshops in under-served communities and the Arts & Innovation Center of Rowan College of South Jersey.

Featured studio arts courses

2021-05-08 (Saturday)

Art of Storytelling - Conjuring A Vision (spring)

postcardSaturdays May 8 - 29, 2021 @ 2 - 4PM

This workshop looks at how we receive information daily, through imagery and language, and how we can purposefully craft our own by creating powerful symbols that represent the Self we choose, the one that holds our highest potential.

This season celebrates a special collab with Keiana Ellen of Dunia Vida.

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Group Study for Young Artists

Group Study


A collaborative and creative challenge to help young artists tell their story through the process of creating moving and impactful works of art. More than ever, the observations, point of view and voice of our young people are so crucial. Let’s make room with art.

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Community Arts

The Griot's Brush

The Griot's Brush

I am translating the ancient tradition of the African griot, the storyteller and repository of traditional culture and history of their people, into visual arts in combination with music to help document stories.

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College / University Teaching

college auditorium

Spring 2021 Community Arts & Course Offerings

Preparations for new arts education workshops are underway for both local community and distance learners.

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Art Lives Studio is currently accepting requests from organizations and schools for art residencies
and custom art education projects.  Advanced booking also available for Juneteenth (June 2021), Kwanzaa 2021 (Dec 26 - Jan 1), Haitian Independence 2022 (Jan 1) African American Heritage (Feb 2022) and Women's Herstory Month (March 2022).

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