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Mother and Child

Linocut print on rice paper, 2019 (artwork conceived 1998)
Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 13" (image size: 5" x 8")

Edition of 125; signed and numbered by Nadïne LaFond


Back in 1998, when I cut this lino block, I was often surrounded by strong dynamic artists / activists who were also mothers and who showed me a completely different version of what it meant to be a teacher and guide. I remember how they were fully themselves and brought their tiny kids to art exhibits, concerts, dance performances and even artist talks and community actions. They found a way to make that happen despite the sleepless nights, putting out fires every other moment, trips to the doctor, financial stress, political issues requiring time for necessary activism ... As difficult as it is sometimes to just get through the day, keep food on the table and balance everything, this was above and beyond. It was fantastic to see them out there really living THEIR lives and the kids were brilliant, confident people who were encouraged to be truly themselves too, which was easy because their Mom was a dedicated, imperfect, phenomenal bad-ass who modeled this authenticity so beautifully 24/7.

Amidst the gauzy dresses, straw hats and flowers featured on TV commercials and greeting cards each year, I imagined this powerful woman teamed up with her awesome baby on her hip and rocking her favorite pair of old jeans, a simple shirt (though a fabulous outfit is also amazing) and focused on doing and being what really matters. To me, within this piece, both mother and child (grounded in Nature) are fully present for each other and for Life.

Note: Note: Only a few Artist Proofs were made in 1998 then I packed the block away.
So I've decided now (May 2019) is the occasion to dust it off and finally do a proper run !