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New Custom Artwork Projects !

acrylic paint, maps, newspaper, cardboard and plastic netting, cowrie shells by Nadïne LaFond, 2021

Introducing 'Soul Kindred Stories' ! I'm creating Custom Art (especially portraits) using mixed media, assemblage and found objects as my tools. After a long break, I'm glad to FINALLY have the time and space for this offering. I'm so excited !

I'm responding to the intention behind the artwork and the materials that are required to tell that specific story it represents. I'm mixing styles and medium while considering the history, cultural reference, prior use and potential of the chosen objects to become something completely different. I consider this project as a jam session for telling unique stories.

This project also supports the making of a long awaited art exhibit / album release to launch in 2022.

I would considerate it an honor to share in the creation of your Soul Kindred Story.

Check out the custom art page and video for more details on this offering.

To kick off, I'm extending a few special thank you offers for inquiries submitted by Sat, July 31st. Don't miss out ! Be sure to join the mailing list to get the code. After that, my custom art schedule officially opens on Aug 1st ! Remember, I can only take a few projects per season so, if you want to book a portrait or other custom project, please confirm asap. Early inquiries welcome !

Note: Conventional portraits and other custom art are also available. Planning for work on custom art projects begins in August and work begins in September to be delivered by the first week of December (in time for the holidays) or sooner, depending on project and special offers.

[updated 7/30/21]

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