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Inspired by Young Artists ❤

Nadine LaFond and Janina Williams (PRG Teaching Artists), pictured with “Of Faces X (Portraits of Archive Pictures)” by Anne-Karin Furunes part of the "Mirror Miror" exhibition at the Paul Robeson Galleries, Feb 19 - Dec 20, 2018

Since Feb 2018, two Saturdays of the month, I and my brilliant teaching artist partner, Janina Williams conducted community arts workshops for Newark area highschool juniors at the Paul Robeson Galleries (PRG) of Rutgers University—Newark where they participated in a wonderful program called "Pathways to Achievement and Success" (PAS), coordinated by the Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC) and the Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies at Rutgers University during which students got to delve into some rich, creative projects. These students are an arts educator's dream come true ! They just threw themselves into dialogue and art creation that thoughtfully responded to the powerful exhibition currently on view at the Paul Robeson Galleries titled "Mirror Mirror" that examines the relationship between identity, cultural norms and representation.

"We have been consistently impressed and inspired by how fully engaged are the PAS students and the depth of their work both in content and aesthetic. Based on the Paul Robeson Galleries' current exhibition "Mirror, Mirror", which examines the relationship between identity, cultural norms and representation, PAS students answer the call of the exhibiting artists work by responding with their own. They've been delving deeply into dialogue on visual literacy, ideas about self and how the creative process mirrors their ability to shape their life's journey.

The rich symbolism and connection to the issues presented by the exhibition is so encouraging for us as teaching artists. We've shared with students throughout our sessions together that the studio is laboratory where they are welcomed to experiment with materials and concepts in a safe space with absolute freedom of expression. There is nothing like witnessing the eyes light up when they discover aspects of themselves only just coming to the surface."

~ Janina Williams and Nadïne LaFond

Congratulations to the students of the PAS Spring / Summer 2018 program. We absolutely LOVED working with you all, we're so proud of you and totally inspired by your enthusiasm and courage. Well done !

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