A New Phase

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Time to Manifest ❤

Vibing @ Wissahickon Valley Park, Philly. photo credit: Jennifer Roth © Gaia Dawn Studios

It really is true that what's meant to be happens almost effortlessly and in its proper time.

The more I meditated on all that made me grateful and all I wanted to create, in honor and respect of my own Life, the more I began to participate in seeing this through and the more I began to experience the emergence of my visions come to fruition. What had changed was that I started taking the advice that I'd been giving my students for years; the culmination of the Life we're living everyday is the ultimate masterpiece. As the artist, therefore, It makes sense that I should have some say in its direction. Afterall, this is my journey and one in which I have the privilege to do what I love. That's when the shift happened along with some wake-up calls and blessings on the way to clarity.

detail of photograph by Jennifer Roth © Gaia Dawn Studios

As of Fall 2017, things had gotten to a point when it became SO clear that a change was necessary.

Once again, I was overworked on a big project, doing for everyone else, leaving myself on the sideline, losing WAY too much sleep ... until finally, my body gave out and I got really sick, TWICE. It was just too much and, to top it all off, I still didn't get what I was toiling so hard to achieve. Some good came of it but not at all what I envisioned or wanted. That's when I said, "Enough already !"

I'd had enough of the frantic energy I carried around as I took everything on, enough of the jam-packed schedules, enough of the extraordinary exhaustion, enough of taking on way too much of the wrong stuff, enough of spinning my wheels and remaining where I was yesterday, and ultimately, enough of not witnessing myself bring to fruition some very specific and significant dreams.

I needed the peace that comes from trusting myself to manifest what I envision, knowing that I got this and understanding that I'm not alone as I move forward. Once again, the realization came when I observed, as I shared with my students, the ingredients (mindset, acceptance/denial, action/inaction), of the present moment are what we experience as tomorrow. It came down to choice. What was I allowing into my presence ? What was I saying YES to ? All this finally led me to honor my own needs and those of my work in studio. Eventually, letting go made room for letting in.

There were certain vital milestones, for sure, I'd been sketching in my mind and on paper. First I had to give thanks for the simple yet profound things so easy to take for granted; my hands, that serve me everyday in countless ways and most especially, that make the artwork that I imagine. I needed to appreciate the tools at my disposal; as-is, not resenting and wishing for better but making good use of what's already here. Family, friends, everyone in my Life who could make any choice they wanted yet consistently showed up in conversation, a shared meal, a call and through their simple presence.

Then there's the moment of dreaming it all into existence. I'm observing more and more each day that what we see all around us are projections of our collective interpretations. Whether our own beliefs or that of others, we're impacted constantly by what is created from them.The home in which we carry on our day to day, the family-owned cafe down the street that lovingly prepares food for the community, the park and trail where we reset and reconnect to Nature, the schools where we trust our children will be well educated and fairly treated, the inequalities that we and our brothers and sisters endure on the daily, the obvious willful neglect of certain neighborhoods, the isolation and lack of wellness permeating our lives all up and through as well as the powerful changes that occur the moment we access our courage, get off our behinds and make things happen, ideally for the highest possible good. All of these were once pre-manifested ideas, some were sketches in somebody's notebook, before they actually came to be.

Now, each time I'm in my new art studio, which I've so needed to organize my thoughts and projects, and sit back on my favorite little sofa that I named Mireille (because for the past 7 years it has been like a friend I dearly love; a bright reminder of the simple beauty, sweetness and comfort I wished to bring into my Life) I'm in awe of the peace I feel and the sharp contrast between this moment and the frantic past. Rather than dwell there, as I used to do, I'm just reveling in the present. Again, here and now, what do I wish to create ? It's a conversation with Life itself; the ultimate collab.


I'd promised myself to jump seriously back into creating a yearly collection like I used to do back in the day. This was never some high-falutin aspiration but a need I had to express a complete thought across a series of works; to tell a story. As Life changed and challenges piled up, I made art pieces one at a time as ideas showed up, as important issues arose and as lucid dreams made such an impact, I had to say something. At least I was doing the work but I wanted to do it in a more cohesive way.

I also wanted to put serious effort into printmaking, which has been a longing of mine for years.

I wanted to re-launch a little blog I started years ago about the process of artmaking but elevate it this time around to include fellow artists badass'ing it in their own field. I call it "Life On Muse".

AND I decided it was high time I delved full-on into film and video while incorporating music more deeply into my visual arts practice. Through genuine relationships, some cool plots are now afoot :0)

All this is already in the works ! This has been coming along in quiet increments for a while now. Regardless of the circumstances, I made choices to do one small thing toward the bigger picture in my mind. All I needed was a headquarters where I could experiment like a lab. Now, that's here too !

Today is the time to play ! By giving my all to the moment at hand, to the tools and resources in front of me, to the energy coming through for transmission into a painting, a song, a film or whatever it needs to be, I'm getting out of the way and removing as many obstacles as I can to make room for what's coming through. So grateful to serve this moment. It's a good day to manifest ❤

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Roth © of Gaia Dawn Studios © a photography studio in South Jersey, specializing in empowering women through soulful connection and symbolic imagery.

The photos here were taken as part of a special day spent with fellow artist, Jennifer Roth, at Wissahickon Valley Park in Philly (now one of my favorite places for inspiration) sharing in the journey of self discovery for women through capturing the moment when we feel our strongest and most alive. Thank you Jenn for an amazing day and for these gorgeous images. I'm so grateful to have worked together. Your genuine, open presence made it so easy to feel absolutely free to be myself. Your passion is contagious and definitely inspired me to a new phase. You are a treasure !

To schedule your own journey with Jenn, write to gaiadawnstudios@gmail.com or call 856.287.5547

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