Found Objects

Express Yourself - Found Objects Art

This course will experiment and create poignant language with various objects from field trips, students' personal collection as well as class discussion and collaboration to create symbolic sculptural pieces.

ADULTS/TEENS ASSEMBLAGE Limit 15 students (Millville, NJ)

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Express Yourself - Assemblage

This course will investigate the poetry of abstract symbolism through the creation of artistic compositions using both chosen and random objects collection, acrylic painting techniques and collage elements.

ADULTS/TEENS ASSEMBLAGE Limit 15 students (Millville, NJ)

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Conjuring A Vision

Conjuring A Vision - Storytelling Through Art

This two session class teaches students to create their own visual language through the use of personal and shared cultural icons as well as explore symbolism by re-using images and objects to represent ideas and to tell their own inspiring story.

ADULTS/TEENS MIXED MEDIA Limit 20 students (various locations)

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Art Lives Studio is currently accepting requests from organizations and schools for art residencies and custom art education projects. Be sure to book early for Women's Herstory Month (March 2020) and Juneteenth (June 2020). Advanced booking also available for Kwaanza 2019 (Dec 26 - Jan 1) Haitian Independence (Jan 1) and African American Heritage (Feb2020).

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