digital collage mixing Nature, technology and spirituality in Afrofuturist style

(4 Week Intensive Workshops - 2 HR Sessions)

Art Lives Studio and Dunia Vida have joined creative forces to present a special adaptation of Conjuring A Vision, a four week intensive art workshop centered on uncovering the stories we hold within and our innate power to express them. Integrating genealogical research into visual artmaking, musician/mixed media artist Nadïne LaFond and storyteller/community curator Keiana Ellen are collaborating to share with BIPOC communities an opportunity to reclaim personal and cultural stories as a healing and empowering self-care practice as well as to create heirlooms in honor of family.

This workshop looks at how we receive information daily, through imagery and language, and how we can purposefully craft our own. Using observation and experience, we'll reveal and deconstruct the loop and, through a mix of painting and collage, we'll create powerful symbols that represent the Self we choose; the one that holds our highest potential.

collab w/ Art Lives Studio x Dunia Vida

Through this unique collaboration, we'll use the process of artmaking focused on symbolism

  • to explore personal and shared cultural icons and observe how they influence us
  • to explore the art of storytelling through genealogy research
  • to re-imagine manufactured images and objects for a new purpose
  • to incorporate historical records and personal details of our ancestors into our images
  • to create images, which represent ideas that help tell our own inspiring story
  • to reclaim and honor our ancestral narrative by retelling our story

Combining observation, research, experimentation and constructive peer critique, students will create visual poetry using literary elements and design principles as well as historical and cultural records, which will be incorporated in their artwork using a variety of materials and techniques. This time is for personal practice to explore in an open, welcoming environment and is dedicated to developing a language that is unique to us and that we can use to reveal our creative powers.

At the heart of creative expression is the desire and opportunity to uncover profound meaning.
Within us is a treasure trove to be realized through our experiences, convictions and dreams.




Saturdays May 8 - 29, 2021 @ 2 - 4PM (Full Intensive Course)


Please register here by Sun, 5/2/21


$160 for 4 sessions - 2HRS each

Materials list will be emailed to registered students

For more information or to book this workshop for your organization,
please submit a request to discuss further.

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