Family Art Party (Adult + Children Workshop)

Mixed media art class for children and their parents/grandparents/aunts & uncles/big brother or sister. The objective is to work as a team to make individual art pieces through the collaborative process. Each session has a new theme that the artists (kid artist and grown up artist) will decipher together and for which they’ll chase down the clues and create visual language. The vibe is positive and empowering and the focus is encouraging eachother to let imagination lead then boldly express. Family Art Party is an art making "Artists Salon" for lively discussion and creation.

Ages from 6 and up are all welcomed.


Deadline to register extended: Sat, 11/24/18 by 6pm

available for booking


Art Lives Studio is currently accepting requests from organizations and schools for art residencies and custom art education projects. Be sure to book early for Women's Herstory Month (March 2019) and Juneteenth (June 2019). Advanced booking also available for Kwaanza 2018 (Dec 26 - Jan 1) Haitian Independence (Jan 1) and African American Heritage (Feb2019).

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