Nadïne LaFond is a painter / mixed media artist working on paper, canvas, wood and found objects, creating images that explore journey and dimension through the layering of symbols. Coming from a long line of visual artists, poets and musicians, LaFond began drawing symbols at age four while visiting family in Haiti, where she feels her original creative spark was ignited. Relying on cues from Nature and personal experiences, her work layers the bird's eye view and the eye to eye encounter at once.

She was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in New Jersey where she currently lives and studied at Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts. Since 2004, she has developed and conducted workshops for educational institutions and arts organizations in visual arts as well as music, theater and literature as an independent teaching artist.

She is also an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and recording artist. Visit official music website >>


Making art for me starts with moments that immediately strike me as lessons.
When the underlying tale begins to emerge, I follow that energy.

instruments: paintbrush, vocals & dreams
genre: experimental, jam, abstract / symbolist